Become a Transportation Activist: USDOT Creates Transit Toolkit for the Public

transit-toolkitOn Tuesday, the USDOT Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx made an announcement of the DOT’s new toolkit for the public called: Every Place Counts: Leadership Academy.  As Foxx put it the “Leadership Academy can help emerging unrepresented community leaders – people with great ideas but who may not be experts in transportation – to work their local and state transportation agencies in a proactive, constructive way.”

USDOT is acknowledging that although you may not have a planning or engineering degree, you are the ones using the roadways, railways, sidewalks and trails in your community every day.  The experience you have makes you an expert in your own right; and USDOT wants to make sure your thoughts and ideas are heard.

In the Leadership Academy resource guide, USDOT has the following set of tools for you to use:

  1. The Transportation Toolkit explains the basics using clear design and plain language. This Toolkit helps people figure out how to be effective in transportation decisions. For example, it explains how to find good data to show the need for a transportation project and when may be the best time to contact an agency with an idea.
  2. For people who want a high-level overview, the Quick Guide introduces you to the content of the Toolkit in a short, colorful booklet.
  3. For people interested in learning more, an Online Resource Library has resources with more detail on topics like the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and civil rights laws.
  4. A Facilitator’s Guide can help emerging community leaders lead their own Leadership Academy through a set of activities that help participants learn the content of the Toolkit.

If you are currently facing a transportation problem in your township, this toolkit could be a great benefit for you.  If you have questions about the toolkit, contact TMACC to get assistance!


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