TMACC Delivers 1,500+ Gifts to Coatesville VA Medical Center

12192016_group_vidOver 1,500 gifts were delivered to the Coatesville Veterans Affairs Medical Center on Monday by TMACC and volunteers.

After weeks of collecting, wrapping and sorting, all of our efforts have finally come to a close!  On Monday, with the help of many volunteers and the ChescoBus, TMACC delivered the 1,500+ gifts to the Coatesville Veterans Affairs Medical Center.


Representative Harry Lewis Jr. 

As volunteers ushered gifts into the Great Hall, the Coatesville Area High School band played Christmas music – further improving the already festive moods of the morning.

Among volunteers were Rep. Harry Lewis Jr. (R-Chester), Rep. Becky Corbin (R-Chester) and Rep. Warren Kampf (R-Montgomery/Chester) who were grateful to see another successful drive going to a good cause.  “Our Veterans often get overlooked; it’s great to see such a flourishing program that helps our Vets.” said Rep. Harry Lewis Jr. (R-Chester).

TMACC would like to thank Citadel Banking for their support of the program and to the following organizations and individuals for donating: McMahon Associates, American Executive Centers, Burns Engineering, WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff, DivisionOne, Pennoni, Dascanio Barber Shop, Summerfield Homes in Frazer, the Chester County Commissioner’s Office, Representative Becky Corbin, Representative Harry L12222015_22ewis, Representative Warren Kampf, Senator Pat Toomey and Senator Bob Casey Jr.


We would also like to recognize and give a huge thank you to staff member, Betty Shaw.  Without her, none of this program would be possible.  She wraps and sorts all of the gifts herself, pushes each of our members to get to our goal, and keeps the holiday spirit alive in the office.

TMACC’s Veterans Gift Drive Program is operated through our charity, FIT (the Foundation for the Improvement of Transportation).  Contact us to learn about more of the programs we have through FIT!

To view more photos from the day, visit our Flickr page here.




Become a Transportation Activist: USDOT Creates Transit Toolkit for the Public

transit-toolkitOn Tuesday, the USDOT Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx made an announcement of the DOT’s new toolkit for the public called: Every Place Counts: Leadership Academy.  As Foxx put it the “Leadership Academy can help emerging unrepresented community leaders – people with great ideas but who may not be experts in transportation – to work their local and state transportation agencies in a proactive, constructive way.”

USDOT is acknowledging that although you may not have a planning or engineering degree, you are the ones using the roadways, railways, sidewalks and trails in your community every day.  The experience you have makes you an expert in your own right; and USDOT wants to make sure your thoughts and ideas are heard.

In the Leadership Academy resource guide, USDOT has the following set of tools for you to use:

  1. The Transportation Toolkit explains the basics using clear design and plain language. This Toolkit helps people figure out how to be effective in transportation decisions. For example, it explains how to find good data to show the need for a transportation project and when may be the best time to contact an agency with an idea.
  2. For people who want a high-level overview, the Quick Guide introduces you to the content of the Toolkit in a short, colorful booklet.
  3. For people interested in learning more, an Online Resource Library has resources with more detail on topics like the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and civil rights laws.
  4. A Facilitator’s Guide can help emerging community leaders lead their own Leadership Academy through a set of activities that help participants learn the content of the Toolkit.

If you are currently facing a transportation problem in your township, this toolkit could be a great benefit for you.  If you have questions about the toolkit, contact TMACC to get assistance!

600 Gifts and Counting! Help us help our Vets this Holiday Season


UPDATE on December 15, 2016: We have reached our goal of 1,000 and are currently at 1,378 gifts!  Today is the final day to drop off gifts!

We really like to achieve our goals at TMACC.

Which is why we we’re pushing you to help us get to our goal of 1,000 gifts for our Veterans Gift Drive this year.

For the past three years, TMACC has been hosting a gift drive for the Veterans at the Coatesville Veterans Affairs Medical Center and the Veterans Multi-Service Center.  The patients from the VA use our public transportation service, ChesCoBus, to travel throughout Western Chester County.   Our staff member, Betty Shaw, thought it was a good idea to give back to our Vets who use our service, hence the Veterans Gift Drive.  Thankfully, the Veterans Multi-Service Center knew exactly where to position our efforts.

Each year, the VMC partners with the VA to find permanent housing for homeless veterans throughout Greater Philadelphia.  If you can recall moving into your first apartment or home, you can remember how much of a financial strain is was to purchase everything.  Bedding, lights, kitchen appliances, cleaning supplies….The list goes on and on.  Now try and imagine starting completely from scratch.  That’s what these Veterans are doing.  To contribute, TMACC focuses its Gift Drive on the VMC’s permanent housing program to help make the move easier on these Veterans.

As of today, TMACC has 608 gifts; up 200% compared to this time last year.  We’re not getting excited yet though; we still have a long way to go.

We are collecting gifts until December 15th!  Stop by our office anytime during the week to drop off gifts.  If you need more of an incentive, drop off your gifts on Tuesday, December 13th from 11:30 AM to 2:00 PM.  We are hosting our Holiday Open House that day where there will be lots of food and holiday cheer.

For a full list of gift items, click here or contact us at 610-993-0911.

A big thanks to our supporters Citadel, the County of Chester, McMahon Associates, Pennoni, and American Executive Centers for helping us get the word out!

“Safety Must Be at the Forefront of Planning” – TMACC Hosts Luncheon on Autonomous Vehicles

On Friday, December 2nd the Transportation Management Association of Chester County hosted a Luncheon at the Chester Valley Golf Club to discuss the future of autonomous vehicles and their implementation.

As guest speakers, TMACC featured Dr. Alain Kornhauser, Princeton University’s Professor of Operations Research and Financial Engineering to discuss the positive impact autonomous vehicles will have on our community; and Roger Cohen, PennDOT’s Policy Director to provide the status of Pennsylvania’s policies on highly automated vehicles (HAVs).  Their main message throughout the discussion was that safety must be at the forefront of planning.

“In the world today, in terms of vehicle fatalities, it like a jumbo jet crashing every five days.” Said Cohen.

“People don’t want to drive their car anymore, they want to entertain themselves!” Dr. Kornhauser explained in his speech, “Driving is getting in the way of entertainment, so what do we do?  We continue to distract ourselves while putting other drivers at risk.”


Dr. Alain Kornhauser, Princeton University


Dr. Kornhauser’s argument was to encourage the creation of automated vehicles because they will make our world safer.  Instead of focusing on the implementation of autonomous vehicles, he spoke on the positive impact the technology will have once they are on roads.  “It is inevitable that we will implement smart driving technology, it is time to discuss what the impact of this new technology will be on the future.”

According to Dr. Kornhauser, the impact will be huge.  Not only does he believe it will reduce congestion, but it will also decrease fatalities by 50% by removing the major flaw in transportation systems: humans.  Today’s congestion will be a thing of the past because automated vehicles will be programmed to pick up multiple commuters in the area who are traveling to the same destination.  “Mobility will be delivered like a service in the future.” Stated Dr. Kornhauser, “You will choose when you need a vehicle and the car will come to you!  There will be no need to own your own vehicle.”


Roger Cohen, PennDOT

Roger Cohen discussed the importance of planning for autonomous vehicles.  “The future of transportation is automated.  It’s coming and we need to be prepared.” Said Cohen.  He stated that PennDOT’s main focus is on safety and infrastructure maintenance to accommodate for the new technology.  “Keeping the infrastructure in a state of good repair will be key.  Automated vehicles will not be able to operate at optimal c
apacity if the roads are not up to par.”

Just four days after the meeting, the State’s Autonomous Vehicles Testing Policy Task Force, co-chaired by Cohen, released its recommendations to PennDOT’s Secretary Leslie S. Richards for developing policies to oversee testing of highly automated vehicles (HAVs).  They will be holding an on-line public forum on December 12 from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM to review the policy.

The event had over 100 in attendance and was hosted at the Chester Valley Golf Club in Malvern.  To learn more about TMACC and its projects, visit

Sponsors for the Fall Luncheon included: McMahon Associates, WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff, Burns Engineering, Traffic Planning & Design, Pennoni,  Saul Ewing, Gannett Fleming, AVE, and DVRPC.