How you can “Dump the Pump” for National Dump the Pump Day Tomorrow

TMACC_Dump The PumpThe 10th Annual Dump the Pump Day is tomorrow, June 18th.  Originally, it was a day to highlight that when gas prices are high, using public transportation is a great alternative to driving that will help people save money.  Since its inception, other modes of transportation have become viable too.

This Dump the Pump day, TMACC wants to make sure you are fully equipped with the tools to make sure you can celebrate the right way!  Here is a list of ways you can leave the car at home and enjoy your day pump free.

#1: Bike!

We at TMACC are BIG fans of biking to work, seeing as we host a challenge each year to encourage biking to work.  Thanks to The Circuit, who continue to grow our network of trails, it is relatively easy to find a trail near you to use.  There is the Schuylkill River Trail, The Chester Valley Trail, and The Struble Trail in the area to name just a few!

#2: Public Transportation (Of Course)

SEPTA, Amtrak, Regional Rail, CHESCOBUS, Subways, you name them!  There are all sorts of way to you public transportation to travel!  SEPTA has over hundreds of buses wanting to take you to you destination.  Just put your trip into their trip planner on to figure out how to get there via public transportation.  The Chester County Planning Commission also has a great website called  They have identified every form of public transportation in Chester County and have easy to understand map of how to link them together.

#3: Carpool

So this isn’t technically “Dumping the Pump”, but at least one or more of your passengers would!  This is a great way to not only dump the pump, but it also saves you money, improves traffic congestion, and keeps you occupied on your ride to and from your destination!

#4: Stay Home!

No, we’re not saying to lock yourself in your house and watch Netflix all day (but it would be nice!).  We’re saying to ask your boss if you could work from home to celebrate!  Studies have shown that working from home increases productivity, saves your company money, raises job satisfaction, and saves you gas!

If you do celebrate Dump the Pump tomorrow by trying any of these tips out, let us know!  Tweet us @chescocommuter or tag us on Facebook and we’ll be sure to share and retweet!  Use the hashtag #DumpThePump.

And if you want to have a fun night without your car, TMACC and Communities in Motion will be hosting our first community bike ride for the National Bike Challenge tomorrow night at 6 PM!  We will meet at the Fitzwater Station in Phoenixville and ride on the Schuylkill River Trail.  Email us for more details!


The Pope Comes to Philly in September-Here’s How it Will Affect Your Travel

This afternoon, Mayor Michael A. Nutter, City and agency officials announced preliminary information about public transportation options during the World Meeting of Families convening September 22-25 and the weekend of the Papal Visit September 26-27.  Even if you aren’t interested in the Pope visiting Philly, this event is going to bring more 1.5 million people into the city, and it will affect your travel.

To help sift through all the information, TMACC has highlighted the main points of the press release to help you plan for the Pope.

Prepare to Walk.
Because private vehicles will not be a viable transportation option while the Pope is in town, individuals wishing to get into Philly that week are going to have to walk up to a couple of miles to get to their destinations.  Make sure you and your family members are prepared to walk long distances in hot weather.

Private Vehicles will not be a Viable Transportation Option.
There will be major road closures in and around the city of Philadelphia.  This will make it almost impossible for residents and visitors to travel by car.  If you are not yet comfortable with public transportation and are planning on traveling to Philadelphia that week, do not wait until the Papal Visit to get comfortable.  Try making a few trips into Philadelphia and back now, so you don’t get confused later.

SEPTAServiceMapPapalVisit-OnBoardStationsONLYPublic Transportation Routes will be Majorly Altered.
SEPTA, Amtrak, Philadelphia International Airport, NJ Transit, and PATCO are all expected to be majorly affected by the event.  They are working closely with each other to provide the most efficient service to travels, but it commuters should still expect delays.  No traveler will be able to purchase a ticket when boarding public transportation all tickets will have to be purchased in advanced.
SEPTA will be operating all services on a normal weekday schedule during the World Meeting of Families, September 22-25.  During the Papal Visit on Saturday and Sunday service will go from the usual 282 Regional Rail stations, subway stations, trolley lines and Norristown High Speed Line to only 31.  SEPTA is doing special passes during this time, and they will only allow passengers with pre-purchased tickets on Regional Rail. Visit to view more station information.  If you are commuting to work during the World Meeting of Families, expect your commute to be severely impacts by the amount of travelers.
To get more information on public transportation information, please visit each agency’s site individually.

To read the full press release, click here.