The Bike FixIt Station is on the Chester Valley Trail

Whether it be a flat tire or loose screw, most bike riders encountered an unexpected problem while riding at least once. And as bikers know, any problem, big or small, can seriously hinder a bike ride if the proper tools aren’t available to fix it.

Installed 1So what is a biker to do if they are stuck and have no resources to fix their problem? The most common solution is to turn around and go home. However, PNC in Malvern didn’t want that to happen to riders traveling. Wanting to give back to the users of the Chester Valley Trail, which is located in front of their branch, PNC contacted TMACC looking for ways to contribute and help bikers.

The solution PNC and TMACC came up with is a Bike FixIt Station, which is unique to the Chester Valley Trail. The station was just installed this week on PNC’s property.  It comes equipped with all the tools one would need to do quick repairs on a bicycle to make sure your ride doesn’t get put on hold.

Because they are so unique to the Chester Valley Trail (no other trails have them in the area), TMACC and PNC will be holding “Stop and LearBike FixIt 1n” sessions throughout the spring and summer months to get riders acquainted with the station. If you’re problem is more immediate, feel free to walk into PNC to ask one of their friendly staff members to help you figure it out. They are more than willing to help!

TMACC will post when the stop and learn session are in their Monday Morning Memo.  Sign up to receive alerts here!


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