5 Ways to Reduce Time (and Stress) During Your Commute

Last week, PennDOT closed the Route 23 (Valley Forge Rd) Bridge to begin an 8 month long rehabilitation project. The bridge, created in 1967, is a part of a $3.4 million project that is financed with state funds from ACT 89, PA’s Transportation plan to fix three structurally deficient bridges in Chester County.Route 23

If your commute to work consists of traveling anywhere near the bridge, then you probably noticed the increased amount of traffic congestion. Normal 30 minute commutes have skyrocketed to a whole 1 hour and 20 minutes. Leaving you frustrated, angry, and exhausted by the time you get to work.

Unfortunately, the bridge rehabilitation project cannot be put on hold to cater to your commutes. However, TMACC has a few suggests that could cut down on your travel time, your stress, and even your spending.

#1: Share your Ride
Roughly 20,000 vehicles cross the Route 23 Bridge each day, meaning 20,000 individuals are now looking for alternative routes to get to work. If each of those drivers shared their ride with another coworker or neighbor traveling close to the same location, you could eliminate 10,000 vehicles from the road. Think of the time you would save!
How to do it:
– Connect with a coworker who lives close to you and coordinate your schedules.
– Connect with a friend or neighbor whose end location is close to your’s.
– Sign up for DVRPC’s Share-A-Ride. This will pair you up with individuals close to your beginning location and end location.

#2: FlexTime at Work
Most Americans begin there shift around 8 AM/9 AM and end around 5 PM. These peak travel times are commonly referred to as “Rush Hour”. If you were to start and end your day earlier or later than those peak travel times, it would resolve the problem of dealing with “Rush Hour”.
How to do it:
– If you’re an employee: Go to your boss and ask to change your work schedule. He or she probably knows about the bridge closure and would be willing to work with you.
– If you’re the employer: Contact TMACC, and we’ll help you form communications to send to your employees.

#3: Telecommute
If you are able to take advantage of working from home during the week, now is the time to use it! Make an agreement with your boss on the days you will be working from home and when you’ll be in the office. It will save you time, save you money, and save the environment from keeping your car off the road.

#4: Be Aware of Future Traffic Delays from Construction with TMACC
TMACC sends weekly updates about traffic delays due to construction. If you are not signed up for any of these targeted emails, you can do so here.

#5 Use PA511 or another GPS Tracking Application
This tip was suggested by the Chester County Planning Commission.  511PA or other GPS application like Google Maps or Waze can help plan your trip before you get on the road.  Simply plug in your destination and it will provide the quickest possible route there.


#StandUp4Transportation Rally in Philadelphia

On Thursday, April 9, 2015 TMACC was proud to take part in the Stand Up for Transportation rally at Dilworth Park in Philadelphia. Despite the cold and dreary weather, several hundred people joined together to support the day’s speakers as they asked for a landmark shift in how America’s infrastructure is treated by elected officials.Crowd

Pennsylvania passed ACT 89 last year, investing $4.2 Billion into our state’s deteriorating roads and crumbling infrastructure. “It’s now the federal government’s turn to make sure we step up,” said Rep. Bill Shuster (R., Pa.), chair of the House transportation and infrastructure committee, to the crowd last week.

Former PA Governor Ed Rendell was the keynote speaker for the morning, tying infrastructure to jobs and people’s comfort. “The country that moves goods the fastest, the swiftest and most efficiently is the country that’s going to get a lot of business,” Rendell said.

After the hour long rally, participants descended into the Park for an Expo featuring many exciting initiatives coming to Philadelphia! The Circuit, Philly Bike Share, SEPTA, and the Port Authority were all on hand to share transportation developments with spectators. TMACC staff was on hand to answer questions about the Chester Valley Trail, Schuylkill River Trail, and public transit alternatives.

TMACC’s Executive Director, P. Timothy Phelps was also acknowledged by the Philadelphia City Council, along with other area leaders in transportation.

Inside the expo

Inside the expo

All in all, the Stand Up for Transportation rally was a success! From the Thunderclap on social media announcing the initiative, to the collection of rallies happening all over the US to bring attention to this issue – TMACC was honored to be a part of developing America’s future.

To continue to “stand up for transportation”, write to your local legislators and ask them to support additional funding to improve and maintain transportation infrastructure.

The Bike FixIt Station is on the Chester Valley Trail

Whether it be a flat tire or loose screw, most bike riders encountered an unexpected problem while riding at least once. And as bikers know, any problem, big or small, can seriously hinder a bike ride if the proper tools aren’t available to fix it.

Installed 1So what is a biker to do if they are stuck and have no resources to fix their problem? The most common solution is to turn around and go home. However, PNC in Malvern didn’t want that to happen to riders traveling. Wanting to give back to the users of the Chester Valley Trail, which is located in front of their branch, PNC contacted TMACC looking for ways to contribute and help bikers.

The solution PNC and TMACC came up with is a Bike FixIt Station, which is unique to the Chester Valley Trail. The station was just installed this week on PNC’s property.  It comes equipped with all the tools one would need to do quick repairs on a bicycle to make sure your ride doesn’t get put on hold.

Because they are so unique to the Chester Valley Trail (no other trails have them in the area), TMACC and PNC will be holding “Stop and LearBike FixIt 1n” sessions throughout the spring and summer months to get riders acquainted with the station. If you’re problem is more immediate, feel free to walk into PNC to ask one of their friendly staff members to help you figure it out. They are more than willing to help!

TMACC will post when the stop and learn session are in their Monday Morning Memo.  Sign up to receive alerts here!